Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hanging Out in Northern Colorado: La Creperie in Fort Collins

Inside La Creperie

Fort Collins and the surrounding area is just bursting with all kinds of writers, and if this isn't one of the places they hang out to talk shop, it should be.

Fort Collins is popping with plans for a new midtown life style shopping/business/residence complex to replace the old Foothills Mall. Mason Street (that's the one with the railroad tracks running down the middle) is turning into the north-south Mason Street Corridor which will have shuttles running from the bus terminal in the north all the way to the restaurants and stores at Harmony on the south side. And Kerrie Flanagan's Northern Colorado Writers is holding a writers' conference at the Hilton on April 26-27 with keynote speaker actor/writer Andrew McCarthy.

While you're here for the conference (hint, hint), I recommend you make time to enjoy a breakfast, brunch or lunch in Old Town at La Creperie. Be sure to slip around the corner to their bakery, Croissants de France, and stock up on real French baked goods at the tiny store front. I have sampled the baguettes, plain croissants, and almond croissants to confirm their authenticity and deliciousness. Trust me, they are the real thing.

My husband and I especially enjoy La Creperie for its gallettes -- thin crepe-like buckwheat pancakes folded over the selected cooked meat/cheese/egg/veggie/sauce ingredients and eaten with a knife and fork. I usually choose the basic which contains ham, egg, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, tomato and scallions. I like it. A lot!

There are lots of other yummies on the menu too, including sweet crepes, omelets, and sandwiches.

From this fine restaurant, it's only a hop, skip, and a jump to Old Firehouse Books and its neighbor, Happy Lucky's Teahouse and Treasures.

I'll leave you there to sip a cup of tea while you scan the bestseller you couldn't resist buying at the bookstore. I'm off to investigate rumors of a little chocolate cafe just a few blocks away (and even closer to the Hilton where you'll be when you attend the NCW Conference).

by Patricia Stoltey, who is probably going to enjoy this assignment way too much.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Wow! A great creperie that's near a bookshop? Sign me up! It sounds like you've found some terrific places!

Julie Luek said...

I'm with Margot-- hard to resist that combination. I hope we see a future review for the little chocolate cafe soon. Mmmmm.

M. K. Theodoratus said...

Hate to rain on the parade, but the place is awful noisy, mostly because it's a popular place to meet. I shook my head when Pat mention it was a good place for writer's to meet.

It's is a good place to eat, though, with some of the best onion soup I've eaten, and I make a mean french onion soup. I've never been in a French restaurant without good bread.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Kay, we found it noisy at peak breakfast and lunch times especially on weekends (especially if a train goes by), but nice and quiet weekdays mid to late-morning brunch time. I think that's true of a lot of the popular breakfast and lunch places (Snooze, for example). Timing is everything.