Monday, November 5, 2012

RMFW's Second Timeline Banner

If you're on Facebook you've probably been "timelined," and we thought it would be fun to feature book covers from RMFW members as a banner.  But how?  So many amazingly talented members with an astonishing number of fabulous books to choose from!

In the end, we thought a montage might work, and in September we shared the first cover banner that was posted on Facebook.  Yes, there will be more! In fact, here's our second banner!

Now for some close-up shots of this banner:

Once again I'm ready to fire up the Kindle or head over to the bookstore.  How about you?

We'll be changing the banner periodically to share even more book covers from RMFW members, so keep an eye on our Facebook page. What? You haven't found us on Facebook?  Here's the link. And if you haven't yet joined RMFW, here's that link!  

Janet Fogg
Janet is the author of Soliloquy, an award-winning historical romance, and co-author of the military history bestseller, Fogg in the Cockpit.


Anonymous said...

Wow-- how fantastic to see so many published books. It's encouraging. So glad I'm a new member here. Now... to check out that Facebook page!

Patricia Stoltey said...

It's an honor to be associated with an organization that counts so many published authors in its membership. RMFW rocks!