Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bloggers Who Belong to RMFW

You'll find regular articles at this site from our contributors about the pros and cons of blogging, when a writer should start her blog, and how to build a following. But what do writers blog about? How to write? How to query agents? Living with vampires? Living with elders? You'll find a wide range of topics if you check out the blogs I've listed below.

We'd like to expand the RMFW blogroll for Chiseled in Rock. Here's a sampling of the writer/bloggers who belong to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

Vampire experts Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein at The Biting Edge

Kenn Amdahl at The Wordguise Alembic

Author Mike Befeler (geezer mysteries)

Peg Brantley at Suspense Novelist

Beth Groundwater (mysteries)

Lynda Hilburn at Paranormality (vampires)

N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author

Terry Wright's Blog (Zombies and Other Dead Things)

Check the left sidebar for many more. If you're a member of RMFW and your blog is not listed here, let me know by leaving your link in a comment.

Pat Stoltey
Revised version of December 14, 2010 post "Authors Blog and Bloggers Write"


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Thanks for this. I always like connecting with other bloggers :-)

lesleylsmith said...

Hey, Pat. Neat idea.
My blog is:


Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot, we have a wonderful bunch of members in this organization. You'll enjoy meeting them through their blogs.

Hi Lesley! I know there are many more RMFW bloggers out there I haven't discovered yet. Thanks for checking in. I'll get you added to the blogroll this week.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Pat
Thanks for showcasing me. Jenny came over and that's how I found out.

j.a. kazimer said...

Hi Pat,

Can you please add,




Anonymous said...

Love knowing what other writers are up to. My blog is athoughtgrows.blogspot.com.


Julie Luek

Susan Spann said...

Hi Pat! I'd love to be included too!

Spann of Time: http://www.susanspann.com