Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sha Na Na, Nanner Nanner, Nanowrimo

Secret handshakes, Nanowrimodians! The Rockers just want to say “go, go, go,” to Nanowrimo. (Hey, that rhymes!) As you clack out that novel, you’ll need literary massages. Throughout November on Chiseled in Rock, we vow to have the posts with the most—unique writing tips, cameos by Tom Foolery, and inspiring stories from successful authors who know what you're going through.

But of course you know there's more. Has to be.

Since your goal is undoubtedly to get published, the Rock will pull out the best interviews with industry professionals who are actively looking for manuscripts.

We promise at least three agent or editor interviews per month, and this will be all the way until the end of December.

After all, you’ll probably want to get crackin’ on those queries once you finish that bestseller, right?

AND YET EVEN MORE! Look for some new expert staff members to join Chiseled in Rock next January. Clues will begin dropping in December.

Stay tuned to the same Rock times, the same Rock channels to rock Nanowrimo!

Gusto Dave Jackson


Anonymous said...

Wow such exciting hoopla! Although I'm not participating in NaNo officially, I'm going to pull from the spirit and energy and hunker down with my WIP's revision. The upcoming agenda will be perfect.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm going to do my best with Nano this year even though I lose 8 days to travel and holiday company. Even if I don't make 50,000, I should still get a good start on a new mystery.