Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Build Your Writer Board of Directors

by Tamela Buhrke

Are you a loner? Introvert? Most writers tend to prefer their own company more than being in a group. This is great for the quiet act of writing. However, it can harm your writing career if you can't get out there to mix and mingle. Just like any industry, your success can hinge more on who you know than what you know.

Think about it. Even businesses have teams of people to support them in areas where they are weak. It's called a board of directors. Members of the board are chosen because they can support the business in different ways. They fill in the gaps where the business is weak.

No one person is good at everything. This is also true of writers. We are often great at our craft, but often lacking in business areas such marketing and self-promotion. If you are out there trying to do all the business of writing by yourself, then you may soon feel overwhelmed and unhappy.

You need to build a team (or teams) that supports your writing career. I'm not just talking about your critique group, although they could be one in the same. This team can help you with the following:

  1. Act as your cheering squad when you are down.
  2. Be your beta reader for your books and short stories
  3. Be a sounding board for your ideas, pitches and marketing materials.
  4. Actively work to promote your work online and to their friends.
  5. Write together on blogs or projects.
  6. Learn from each other about industry information and trends.
  7. Build contacts and network.

In my next few marketing posts, we will look at how to find the right people to fill the gaps in your personal board of directors. We will cover ways that you can use your board effectively to network, market and promote yourself. Finally, we will show you how to make this process fun and productive for all the members of your board.


Kay Theodoratus said...

Can't wait to read them. I much prefer growling in my corner.

j. a. kazimer said...

If anyone knows there stuff it is you, Tamela. I look forward to learning more!

Tamela Buhrke said...

Thanks! Networking and building a team is so important. Sometimes as writers we feel like we are all alone in this. We need to learn to reach out to others.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Marketing was the hardest part of writing for me because I really am an introvert (would prefer to be a hermit if the truth be known). But we do what we have to do, and the more ways we can make it fun, the better.