Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Reasons Why Phantasm is a Great Horror Film (although the list could go on)

There’s no mistaking that it’s a horror flick.

It’s fun.

The movie has all the things that a teen to twenty year old (or that inner teen to twenty year old—especially male—in all of us) wants to see: graveyards, fast cars, hot women, creepy old guys, zombie dwarfs...

Originality. All I have to say is: yellow blood.

For some reason, a severed finger becomes…well you watch it and see.

Mirrors that explode in just the right instance.

You can tell they had fun making it.

It keeps moving and so many horror movies don’t.

The characters don’t do anything uber stupid.

And how can we forget the silver ball with razor hooks and a drill that seems to turn on even its own kind!

All that said, Phantasm is not for everyone and I usually don’t recommend it to friends who look for fulfilling stories. But if you have a penchant for the eerie and can leave your high brow in your library, you’ll dig this if you haven’t already seen the iconic underground masterpiece.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, man, Gusto, I'd forgotten about this film! Thanks for the reminder! Yes, this was a great flick, and creepy and weird, as I remember it! I'll have to try to DVR it again. I seem to remember being "transfixed" by it when I first saw it, how "off" it was, how strange, how different from most other horror films. Great post!