Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Denver Comic Con - One of the Coolest Exhibits

Much raving was done about this one.

My kid wanted to go look at this model several times. After you take a peep at the video, you'll see why. This work of art was constructed by a group called Cowlug (Colorado Wyoming Lego Users Group) and designed by a gentleman that introduced himself simply as Lester.

They also had a replica of the June 1938 Action Comics which introduced Superman -- that man of steel dude -- made of Legos, but I'll let you swim over to their website to enjoy that.

As for the rest of Comic Con, the high point, beside spending the weekend with my special little guy, was listening to Peter Mayhew. Class act. He raved about what a professional Alec Guinness was on the set of Star Wars and what chums he and Carrie Fisher apparently are.

I goofed off a lot at the con...especially on panels. Feel free to browse my photos on Facebook for the tomfoolery. In the next few weeks, I'll share some video clips from the panels I was fortunate enough to be on. One with Kevin J. Anderson!


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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this--living in south Florida, I would have missed the whole event without this report.

Martha Moffett