Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Denver Comic Con

This year, I get to enjoy the Denver Comic Con in a most unique way. I’ll start with the drama first.

I don’t get to see my kid nearly as much as I used to. God, how I now enjoy every damn moment with him that I can put my arms around, so with the Denver Comic Con flying our way, a three-day holiday reserved for me and junior, I just can’t wait. Not to be too histrionic, but parents, if you and yours love superheroes, you just about can’t beat this. Enjoy life. If you got the entertainment budget, throw down the 50 for your weekend pass. And your kiddo, if he or she is 10 or under, is free.

Okay, now on to the chipper stuff…the happy ending, if you will. I get to be a panelist. I’ll be on one of the literary panels cheering on the release of my first novel Tattoo Rampage to be released July 1st 2013. And hopefully by then I’ll have even more REALLY cool news to report about it that’s in the works. But lips are sealed right now.

So on a sentimental final note, this will be such a bittersweet experience for me. Just me and my son livin’ it up all weekend. He gets to tell his school chums that his pop is a writer and guest at DCC. I get to cherish my time with him and other writer friends. And hey, maybe I’ll be able to talk backstage with Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca. Maybe he’ll carry me and the dudester around on his shoulders!


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