Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Would Play the Lead In Your Novel if it Went to Hollywood?

Last year, we did a bit on gaining unimaginable wealth from your novel becoming a runaway bestseller. I mean…come on, we all dream of our story turning out to be that have-to-read-it/can’t-put-downable hit. The responses were outstanding. Everyone on the Rock enjoyed the party.
So now, why don’t we finish the game of ‘What Could Happen’ and indulge ourselves by sharing with everyone the celebrities that we envision playing our characters? Please…plug away whether your novel is in the works, looking for the right publication venue, or out there in circulation.

I’ll humbly kick us off. From the beginning of my first draft of Tattoo Rampage, I saw Gary Oldman as the bad guy. Acid, the villain, has a diminutive frame, but mucho intensity (I hope I wrote him this way at least) that rivals Oldman’s amazing performance in the movie Sid and Nancy. Acid is scummy, looks almost dead, highly intelligent (a chess champion at the age of seven), is very well spoken, but looks like he’s about to explode every second. Gary Oldman would be too old—no pun intended—to play him if the book went to film, but it hit me recently that Sam Rockwell would more than be able to do the job. Rockwell, an amazing man of many faces, was very memorable as a creep in The Green Mile.
A mentor/love interest spruces up my novel, I believe, by being an up and coming comedian. Whereas Dane Cook’s banter kept playing in my ear for the dialogue, Cook wouldn’t quite have the look. Hey, that rhymes! Zig, the mentor, is tall and chiseled, but very insecure even though he is a master of warfare. I think Armie Hammer, the actor slated to play the Lone Ranger this summer, would pull the role off due to his sense of humor.

Enough about me. Friends, let’s hear your star struck input.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh, if I had my way (and I don't!) I'd have Christopher Lloyd play my aged and crazy English professor as he races across Nevada on his motorcycle. Mr. Lloyd does the crazy professor so well.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'd love to see Johnny Depp as my secondary FBI agent character. If that happened, I wouldn't even care who played the other roles.

Sisters of the Quill said...

I think more about who'd play in my screenplays:

Headhunters (with Janet Fogg): female lead seeking her grandfather's cryo preserved head - Jamie Lee Curtis and love interest - Billy Zane

Hot Flash(a menopause comedy)- Diane Keaton and William H. Macy

Knock On Wood - Romantic comedy -
Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey (though a younger one)

And there are many more I can tell you about but I've run out of time and must head exercise though, ay?

Chiseled in Rock said...

Christopher Lloyd is awesome. I think he would have made a great Joker.

Johnny Depp, no denying his screen appeal.

As I recall, Karen, you and Janet had a screenplay that almost starred Jim Carrey. :)


Christine Rains said...

I always like playing this game! For my current WIP, I'd like Amanda Seyfried as the protagonist. A sweet version with some curl to her hair. The vampire she secretly loves would be Jensen Ackles. Though I think that choice may be a little biased. Okay, VERY biased.

Ron at CM said...

The thrillers - Melissa Leo, the heroine, James Woods as the evil preacher, Jade Pinkett as the heroine's boss, Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeof as the killers.

Heaven's Lower East Side... Depp as Teddy the fired guardian angel that runs the place. Angelina Jolie as the Devil, and Danny DeVito as The BIG GUY.

The Flyover War, William H. Macy as John Tucker Brown, Charlize Theron as Tobi Monahan, and John Goodman as Gen. M.T. Hooch (ret)

Cardinal said...

Hmmmm... I love this game! It always takes careful thought, which is part of the attraction.

For my detective partners, while years ago (almost before I started writing) a friend told me, "Susan Sarandon should play you in your life story," I'd choose Deirdre Lovejoy (from "The Wire") to play ex-FBI Special Agent Sarah Zelman. As for her partner, I'd need a slightly taller, much younger Richard Belzer (Law & Order: SVU) to play Det. Sgt. John Weiss. Alex Karpovsky (from "Girls") is close, but too young.

The really bad dude would definitely be Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), because my villain is a child pornographer and internet genius. Cranston does creepy and brilliant better than most actors today. said...

Sarah Jessica Parker would play me. If it were a documentary, she'd need to lose the money, men, sex-life, glamour, glitz and closet-space.


Barbara Graham said...

I'd have The Rock play Sheriff Tony Abernathy--he's big, muscular and has a great smile. He'd look good bald. And Kristen Chenoweth would make a great Theo--Tony's wife--she teensy and blonde and yet has a "take no prisoners" kind of attitude.