Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And Now For Something That Has To Do With Writing From a Different Angle

Admit it. The picture snagged your attention. And it’s so fittingly named “Terrible Onomatopoeia.”

What a great writer connection, right?

This painting was done by a comedian friend of mine, Brett Crandall. The colors are like a blast from space laser in a 1968 Science Fiction flick. The action jumps off the canvas. Being that I’m an unorthodox author in that I’m a naturally born attention-grabber, Brett’s creation resonated with me.

As always, I love to plug my pals, so if you can break away to check out his stand-up, I highly recommend it. Great guy, and a talented artist.
His bio:

Brett's quick wit, instant likability and unique way of engaging any audience has made him a favorite at many clubs and bars all over. Getting his start in Denver, Brett has performed for audiences at Comedy Works Denver, The Denver Improv, Witt's End, Loonee's Comedy Corner and Sunray Park and Casino. Brett's act is largely inspired by his own personal experiences and passions. With a laid back, likable, yet biting style, Brett is sure to bring big laughs, now and into the future.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

Just the colors are enough to grab your attention...and then we look closer for the fun.