Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is All This Rocky Writers or Rocky Mtn Comedy Writers Junk?

By Gusto

It’s just the same crap I’ve always been up to. Just a little twist that I’ve been wanting to crank into the process. There is a humble logo/banner off to the side of this blog that says Rocky Mountain Comedy Writers with a mountain range and a smile framing the wording. The Rocky Writers profile on Facebook, which is the same thing, in the ‘about’ screen, says, “If it's humorous, we're all about it. Rocky Mountain Comedy Writers is a networking platform conceived of by a novelist, comedian, and musician, all of which are dabblers in humor and Denver based. Since laughter is universal to all art forms, it is our hope to spread the word about up and coming entertainers who wield the gift of wit.”
Clear as mustard right? Especially when the logo states Rocky Mountain Comedy Writers and the page differs with Rocky Writers.

Facebook wouldn’t let me put Rocky Mountain Comedy Writers in the profile, so I improvised. Besides, I kind of like the ring of Rocky Writers. It sounds kind of like a cartoon character.
So to all my writer friends (and perhaps some stand-up comic buddies who may be reading this after I spammed them), my plan is simple. I’m exploding WAY beyond writing world—not severing myself from it…no, no, no, more on that in a minute—to better promote everything. The Rocky Writers FB profile will plug many of the postings on the Rock, but it will share humor, cool stuff, and of course new publication releases to every walk of life in entertainment...including editors with the major publishing houses.

For instance, I’ve been sharing Gilbert Gottfried’s jokes on the Rocky Writers FB (yes, he’s one of our friends). He’s hilarious. Hippie Man’s stuff too. Then I turn right around and go to some of my clever author  pals and share their postings—Mario Acevedo, Esri Allbritten, Julie Kazimer, the list goes on and on. When I ‘discover’ a truly talented local comedian, hell, I WANT to gloat about them. I’m about to start turning you all on to a phenomenal comic named Kevin Bennet. Just wait. You’ll laugh your gluts off.
He just so happens to write fiction too.

See how this could be a perfect platform?
I’m still fiddling with the Rocky Writers concept and working bugs out. The name of the FB page will have to stay the same because of noted restrictions. But other than that, we’re going to have a good time and get people noticed. Or at least have fun in trying it. Send us a friend request if you're not partying with us already.


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Patricia Stoltey said...

This is very cool. And I just happen to know a very funny guy in my part of Colorado. I'll make sure he knows about this community of rocky writers. :D