Monday, January 14, 2013

Farewell, 2008 Writer's Market

While struggling to tame one of our overfull bookcases, I spotted my three-inch thick 2008 Writer’s Market. Sticky note laden and adorned by multi-colored highlights, folded page corners, and a dozen paperclips, I hate to think how many hours I spent curled around that book, studying which publisher wanted what and how to get it to them.

I used to purchase a revised edition every other year or so, but that stopped in 2008 when I received my first book contract. That contract, coupled with an on-line presence by virtually every publisher, dispelled my desire to purchase a newer version of Writer's Market. So into the recycle bin poor old 2008 went, along with hours of dreams of publication.

Please don't misunderstand, I’m comfortable saying farewell. New dreams have usurped the old, though my goals remain quite high. I have to confess, after flipping through 2008 and contemplating all the research and effort held within those pages, it is difficult for me to imagine how many publication goals were fulfilled, or how many nightmares of rejection continue to haunt those who purchased the book. I can only hope that the number of dreams put comfortably to bed is as enormous as the book itself, and that 2008 will rest in peace.

by Janet Fogg
Janet is the author of Soliloquy, an award-winning historical romance, and co-author of the military history best seller, Fogg in the Cockpit.

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Giles Hash said...

It's good to clean out the clutter. Even though I don't have a contract (or an agent), I recently cancelled my subscription to the Writer's Market website. It's a monthly bill that I don't need while I'm working on my WiP. But it's a VERY useful resource that will reenter my life when I start querying again! :D