Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Rocky: No More Whining

Dear Rocky,

Months ago I was whining about how I couldn’t find enough time to write, and a friend, who is really organized, said I should keep track of what I do all day for a couple of days – minute by minute – and that she’d help me set up a schedule. She nagged me every time I complained (we’re good friends, really!), and so I finally did it. For three days.

OMG! I spent at least two hours fooling around on social networking every morning, just chatting or looking at photos and videos. I couldn’t believe it.  Not to mention the time I spent in the afternoon.

So I promised myself and my friend that from now on, before I do any surfing, I have to write at least one page. And it’s WORKING! I’m really making progress on my book! And I’m still having fun on the net.

I know this is pretty basic, but I wanted to share in case it might help someone else stop and think.

No More Whining


Dear No More Whining,

Thank you for sharing an excellent lesson learned.

This is a timely reminder for us all!


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Patricia Stoltey said...

This is an excellent way to handle the lure of social media. I should add a rule for myself that says no surfing and posting until I've exercised.

Shannon Baker said...

Thanks, Rocky, for this post. I always feel guilty when I get sucked into the Internet vortex before I get my words done.