Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's New from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers?

Here are a few of the recent and upcoming releases from members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers:

Haunted (an Anna Strong novel)
By Jeanne C. Stein
Ace Books, August 28, 2012
ISBN: 978-1937007768
Mass market paperback $7.99
e-book $7.99

“Culebra finally opens up to Anna about his life before owning Beso de la Muerte, a bar catering to supernatural clientele. As if summoned by the conversation, Culebra’s past stumbles into his bar in the form of an old buddy cashing in on a favor. Soon Anna, Culebra and her ex, DEA agent Max, find themselves deep in Mexico, dealing with drug cartel infighting, old vendettas, and missing girls.”

For more information about Jeanne and her books, visit her website and The Biting Edge blog. She can also be found on Facebook.


Cowboy in the Crossfire
by Robin Perini
Harlequin Intrigue July 2012
ISBN: 978-0373696291
Mass Market Paperback $5.25
E-book $4.99 (both available at reduced online prices)

"Blake Redmond turned his back on life as a big city cop when his partner betrayed him, costing him his reputation. When his wife and son were killed, he returned to Carder, Texas, the town he'd raised hell in as a young man, to become a Sheriff, running his town, his way. At least here, he can tell the good guys from the bad guys. The women in Carder may dream about Blake, but he's got no heart left to give."

There is more information about Robin and her books at her website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter


Heart Secret
By Robin D. Owens
Berkley Trade, August 7, 2012
ISBN: 978-0425253144
Trade paperback $15.00 e-book $9.99

“On the faraway planet Celta, there are some things you can never tell—until someone discovers your Heart Secret…

When a virulent disease killed the woman he loved and her baby, Garrett Primross was left alive, a reluctant survivor. Now, as a private eye, he strives to banish the memories of his past and rebuild his life. The Healers of Celta have something else in mind: Discover why he survived."

Learn more about Robin and her novels at her website and her blog. She can also be found on Facebook.


Fresh Squeezed
By Bonnie Biafore and James Ewing
Slow Toast Press
Print edition $14.00
e-book for Kindle $4.99

“Anthony "Juice" Verrone, former Mafia enforcer and guest of the Witness Security Program, is trying to hide from the Family he sent up the river. When a giant hot dog, a fiberglass bass, and a plummeting corpse put the squeeze on Juice, he thinks he's been found out. Juice teams up with Rudy Touchous, a forensic accountant, and Police Chief Dickie Gordon, to track down the killer. Instead, they run head-on into a public utility in desperate financial straits, a local troop of NASCAR-addled, bass-fishing rednecks with odd literary aspirations, and a vegetarian commune. When these players mix it up at the Asparagus Festival a conflagration ignites that changes everything.”

Find out more about the book at the Fresh Squeezed website. You can also find Bonnie at Bonnie Biafore and James at James Ewing.


Book information collected and formatted by Pat Stoltey

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