Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Book, the Right Conference

If you’re a writer seeking publication, living close to Denver, it’s a must. Likewise, another writer who lives a few clips out, but has wanted to visit the Mile High City now has a solid reason to justify the trip. The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference September 7th. Register at

Believe me, we’ll have a robust turnout. But I can’t stress enough to someone who might just now be jumping into the publishing race how the Gold Conference will be your best first step. The key reasons are bang-for-the-buck and a fast sense of belonging.

In a posting from last year, I touted its bargain price that’s virtually unbeaten by rival conferences, big six publication success stories (we got some good ones), jaw-dropping guests, all the fun we have, and more. Feel free to check it out.

But this time around, having signed with an agent, I want to stress how outstanding the Gold Conference was in terms of networking.

The contacts I’ve made simply would not have happened by just sitting at home and sending queries.

I have author friends—some hugely successful, some still finding their victories—who believed in me, recommended me, opened doors. They know who they are and that I am eternally grateful. Where did I meet them?

You guessed it.

Sure, I’ve roved to a few other conferences. There are definitely some good ones out there. However, I will assert from the rooftops that they aren’t as low-cost and down home as the Gold. It’s this simple. As soon as you stroll in the lobby, you got people to chat with. If I don’t beat you to the greeting, find me and introduce yourself. I’ll give you any and every tip I can think of to get you pointed the right way. I’m hard to miss. Red nose, furry face, loud baritone. But I’ll also be in the Novel Idea Follies (explained in the posting from last year) should you not happen into me elsewhere.

Gusto Dave

Dave Jackson is the Publicity Chair for RMFW and an urban fantasy and YA western/steampunk author represented by the Belcastro Agency. And a goofball.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm also a big fan of the RMFW Colorado Gold Conference. I'm already signed up to attend this year too.

Susan Spann said...

I thoroughly second everything you've said here. I attended the Colorado Gold conference for the first time in 2010, taught there in 2011, and am teaching both a Master's Class and a regular session at this September's conference. I've attended quite a few writers' conferences, and RMFW's Colorado Gold is far and away my favorite on all levels.

It has great teaching, excellent access to industry professionals, and the best, most welcoming group of authors and attendees I've seen at any conference, anywhere.

Colorado Gold also holds a special place in my heart because I met my agent, Sandra Bond, at last year's conference - and she's sold my mystery series to St. Martin's/Thomas Dunne Books, making me another RMFW success story!