Thursday, June 28, 2012

RMFW Website Liaison Terry Wright

For those of you who’ve been around RMFW for a while, you know about the issues we’ve had with our website. I’m happy to report that it’s in better shape than ever, thanks to the efforts of Eric Sidle and our relatively new Webmaster Michael Donahoe of Topsweb. However, it still needs some fine-tuning.

The RMFW board felt as though these tweaks could be better handled by one person rather than each individual chairperson. For example, the Program Chair can access the editing capabilities of the site and change the upcoming events announcements. Membership can go in and update the members list and the same for PAL. However, some of the more underlying tasks need an Administrator role to access, like user accounts, webforms, permissions, and email notifications. Because I’ve been working closely with Michael and Eric throughout the contest, and because I’ve held Administrator status since Scott Brendel was president of RMFW, one board member suggest I take on the job (I won’t say who, but thanks a lot, Vicki). So I accepted rather than move to Alaska.

What does this mean to you? 

Any problem or question that comes up regarding the website, including sign on issues or broken links, contact me via the Website Liaison link on the RMFW home page. I’ll either handle it or get Eric or Michael on it. Before, you’d have to email the president or someone on the board and they’d have to ask around on the board loop, and back and forth we’d go until the problem/question either got taken care of or forgotten.

Also, any new developments or functionalities of the site that require additional Webmaster work and fees will come to me, I’ll submit the work order, get the estimate and board approval, and give the thumbs up or thumbs down on the project. This should streamline the process and speed up communications between the powers that be.

In the end, our website will be up there with the most efficient and user-friendly sites on the Internet.


TheaH said...

Thanks for taking this on, Terry. But I would have chosen liaising over Alaska, too. The mosquitoes are as big as eagles and they swarm thick as locusts.

I just know you'll do a great job. I think you take on a lot for RMFW and I know I appreciate your service.


carolwriter said...

Good for you, Terry. This is something we've needed for a while. Thanks. - Carol

Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like the RMFW website is going to get better and better. Thanks for not moving to Alaska, Terry.

Vicki said...

Thank you, Terry. I still get questions now and then on how to handle web site things, I'll send them your way! :)

Terry Wright said...

The website is shaping up. Broken links fixed, the members list is complete and becoming more useable, Bonnie has the PAL list up, and the Members Area is now only visible to members who are signed in. Lots of fine tuning. You should know that Michael and Eric have set up a good foundation for us to work with. And they are helping me understand how it works. Stay tuned