Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Denver Comic Con

It’s going to be huge. When one considers that a certain west coast city which hosts an annual comic book soiree attracted over 175,000 fans last year, you just know that Denver, the hippest city in America, will catch up to that number fast. With the adult cost being as low as $45 for three days, $25 dollars for teens, and free for kids under 10 with paid adult admission, this is a steal if you buy in advance.

The stars are taking note and signing up. Wil Wheaton is the latest heavy to join the guest list. Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: the Next Generation, Stand by Me…yeah, that guy. And his resume, especially with the gaming community, continues to impress, but you can check that out on the webpage.

Since this is a writer’s blog, I’ll take a circuitous route to tout another of Denver Comic Con’s red carpet walkers. Charlaine Harris started a series of hugely successful novels that HBO picked up and produced. I’ll bet you’ve heard of True Blood. Kristen Bauer the actress who plays Pam, the co-owner of Fangtasia bar will be here to take a bite out of the festivities.

If you watched or took your kid to any superhero movies within the last decade, you simply must treat yourself to this event. A delightful invasion of superhero masquerade will liven up our Mile High City this June and you want to be one of the people who can say you were there for the first one.

Check it out. Register. Get ready to have a blast.

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