Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks a Lot, Mac!

In spite of how self absorbed or goofy my friends think I am, there are many things that I truly appreciate. Most of them will surprise you…

Heat when I’m cold, good sleep, peanuts, my left ear (the right one is argumentative), laughter, teachers, honesty, funny noises, running water, children’s smiles, tears, high fiber cereal and laxatives, denim shirts, women, summer breezes, deodorant, windshield wipers in the rain, simplicity, music, naval lint, dogs, the sound of a motor, my imagination, nude jogging, fellow scribes, snow, my wit and gift for gab inherited from my father and mother respectively, dinkdoys, coffee, innuendo, math, cotton, silly ideas dressed in plaid suits and white shoes, beer, Lucasfilms, new socks, my robust whiskers, baby gouda cheese

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

And our friends who read the Rock!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gusto Dave

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