Monday, September 19, 2011

Perhaps “A” is for Afflatus…

…for writers, anyway.

Staggering, isn’t it, when a new story idea captures you, blows into your brain. You can’t explain where the concept came from but it will often spin ‘round and ‘round until it blossoms into a story, whether you choose to write that story or not.

Inspiration. A quickening. Afflatus.

Literally, afflatus means to blow upon or toward. According to Cicero such an event is a rush of unexpected breath, an uncontrollable force.

So the next time someone asks, “Where did THAT idea come from?” you’ll know what to say.

“Afflatus. I’m afflicted with afflatus. Isn’t it fantastic?!”

Are you afflicted, too?

By Janet Fogg


Giles Hash said...

I am afflicted. Which is great :D

Joanne Kennedy said...

Great word, Janet! Although I'm having trouble resisting the "flatulence" jokes.

Patricia Stoltey said...

This could become my new favorite word. :)

Shannon said...