Monday, August 29, 2011

Caption Crazy Strikes Again!

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we'll provide the picture if you'll provide the words! Silly or serious? Either is fine!

What came to mind when you saw this picture? Please share as a caption, log line, or flash fiction.

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Janet Fogg


Giles Hash said...

"I love you, my invisible woman, and we shall make out in the tide as they do in the romance films! Oh yes, and don't mind my laptop. I'm just waiting for an email."

Ron at CM said...

"This sucks. That boat was a lot bigger when I got here," Gulliver said.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure CPR works on aliens? I can't even find the mouth!

Karen Lin

Dave Kelley said...

Where's my damn contact lens?

Patricia Stoltey said...

Poor Dave placed the $5,000 engagement ring in his pocket and took his fiancee to the beach to propose. As they walked along hand in hand, a rogue wave washed the sand out from under Dave's feet and he fell. Now he frantically searches for the missing ring. His fiancee is frightened and mystified by his bizarre behavior and strange moans, so she backs away to watch from a distance.

Janet Fogg said...

Oh my, these are all so fabulous!

Giles, I could "envision" the invisible woman, and poor Gulliver as well, Ron.

I hope that alien does have a mouth, Karen, but just think what it might taste like! Eeew!

Ah, Dave, those pesky, jumping contact lenses. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!

And that ring has to be somewhere, Pat. (Think there's a metal detector rental store nearby?)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Dean K Miller said...

Only 89 million more handfuls and I'm in China!

Marlena Cassidy said...

He didn't realize that exposing the mummy to seawater would only make it disintegrate faster. The Internet had this to say of the tragedy: "LOL EPIC FAIL!!111!1"