Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's New from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers?

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers rocks and so do its members! Here are a few recent and upcoming releases:

"No Soy Loco" -- a short story by Mario Acevedo
You Don't Have a Clue: Latino Mystery Stories for Teens
Cortez, Sarah (Editor)
Arte Publico/Pinata, paperback, $16.95
Apr 2011. 336 p. (978-1558856929)

Excerpt from Book List starred review:

"A police whisperer, a girl with no memory, a boy who hears voices in his head—welcome to this generous collection of 18 mystery stories written by and featuring Latino authors and characters. Notable for the diversity of their vividly realized settings that range from Southern California’s Venice Beach to the mean streets of the Bronx, and for the authenticity of their Spanish-studded language (a glossary is included), the stories range from noirish to whimsical but all have in common teenage protagonists who find themselves in danger and often desperate trouble.

Several of the stories are as mysterious as they are mysteries, featuring paranormal elements like a boy who hears strange voices in Mario Acevedo’s “No Soy Loco” and the amazing results of a henna tattoo in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s “The Tattoo.” ... This excellent collection—enriched by a thoughtful foreward by YA scholar James Blasingame—gives faces to Latino teens in a most original way."
— Michael Cart


Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners: Your Fortune in a Teacup by Caroline Dow
Llewellyn Publications, March 2011
Paperback $12.44 (978-0738723297)

From Caroline's website:

"Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners is an eclectic work that also discusses related pastimes, including how to host a tea party to show off your newly acquired teacup divination skills and where to enjoy taking Afternoon Tea around the world. Facts about tea as a health drink, herbal teas, and tea as a culinary ingredient add to the reader’s stockpot of data. Customs, superstitions and legends connected with these diversions add spice to the blend."

"Caroline Dow learned to read tea leaves at her Great Aunt’s knee (well, actually, her skirt), and has been practicing this alluring art ever since. She has delivered tea leaf reading workshops around the world, and has been featured on Consumer Advantage Network TV and at The Rocky Mountain Tea Festival for the last ten years."


"Fatal Fish Flop" by Beth Groundwater
Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology
From the Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime
Wildside Press, March 23, 2011
Paperback $14.99 (978-1434430809)

"Fish Tales, The Guppy Anthology, casts a wide net across the mystery genre, delivering thrills, chills, and gills. This water-themed collection features locked room puzzles, police procedurals, cozy characters and hardboiled detectives.

With a pool of motivations ranging from greed and revenge to loyalty and justice, these stories will lure you in with killer hooks and fishy characters. Come on in, the water’s fine. But be careful, or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes."


Rogue Patriot: A Clay Holt Thriller by Gerald Meunier
Praxis imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Inc., May 10, 2011
Hardcover 396 pages $28.95 (978-1936214358)

Jacket flap copy:

"Washington, DC FBI agent, Clay Holt, thinks he has a normal life--a loving wife, two beautiful children, a great career, and a nice home--until the night his wife wakes him up with fear in her eyes. She worries that terrorists will cross the Mexico border to attack DC and insists that they move elsewhere for their children’s safety. The next day, she is killed by an illegal. Blaming politicians for her death, Clay tells his partner that he can no longer 'live a lie' working for the government.

His wife’s fears prove to be well-founded. Iran sends Islamic extremist, Assim Badaseri, to America via Mexico with a plan to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington. Badaseri is sworn to kill any infidel who discovers his presence here.

Clay is determined to fulfill the deathbed promise made to his wife to protect their children. But, while visiting his parents in Colorado for Christmas, fate steers him into the path of Badaseri. The Iranian thinks he’s been discovered. He tries but fails to kill Clay, who escapes and returns to Washington unaware of what he’s up against. After another failed attempt, this time at Clay’s house, Badaseri kidnaps his children to keep him quiet.

Haunted by his wife’s death and facing the loss of his children, Clay overcomes his contempt for the government and asks his former boss for help. If he does not find Badaseri before he attacks Washington, his children will die."


Where Danger Hides by Terry Odell
Five Star, June 8, 2011
Hardcover $25.95 (978-1432825126)

From Terry's newsletter:

"Hiding behind the public façade of a private investigation firm--Blackthorne, Incorporated--are a band of elite covert operatives.

Dalton (just Dalton—nobody dares call him Ambrose), is one of Blackthorne's best. A charming Texan, he prides himself on blending in, and there's no one he can't scam. But his obsession with putting a Colombian drug lord out of the picture threatens to endanger his life and the lives of his team. When Dalton nearly blows a simple undercover assignment at a fundraising gala, it convinces his boss to tether him to a dog-and-pony-show case at a halfway house. Instead, Dalton finds death, drugs, and danger.

Street-smart Miri Chambers wants nothing more than to help everyone at the Galloway House shelter lead new and productive lives, but residents are disappearing without a trace. An unexpected meeting with Dalton at a gala turns into an assignment for him, but Miri doesn't think he’s taking the job seriously. Trust doesn't come easy to Miri. When the situation escalates into a combat zone, can she trust Dalton with her life … and her heart?"


The Magic of Windlier Woods by N. R. Williams
Heidi Thomas, Editor
Short Story -- Kindle edition at $.99

"Newert, an erbit of Windlier Woods, is concerned. The magic of his world is seeping away. He struggles to open a portal to another world, believing that this will restore the magic of Windlier Woods.

Assuming the big red truck is magical he returns to his world with the truck and its driver. Thus begins Newert's misadventure. What will happen next?"

This story is also available free from Smashwords.


Compiled by Pat Stoltey


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Thanks for this collection. It all looks really intriguing and there's lots to choose from.

Dean K Miller said...

Thanks for the info and leads. It's nice to have others doing the leg work.

Patricia Stoltey said...

It's amazing how many excellent writers we have right here in Colorado, isn't it? Support your local authors!

Lynda R Young said...

Where Danger Hides looks particularly interesting.

Kathleen said...

The Magic of Windier Woods sounds so good, I want to stop writing and start reading—that sometimes gets me in trouble. I was starting to feel bad when I thought it was only a Kindle editing, but I followed your link to a pdf file. My next break will be fun. Thank you...

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks for the shout out Pat.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium