Saturday, December 18, 2010

Give Lyle's Liver Emporium for Christmas

That holiday dinner just isn’t the same without liver.

Couldn’t you just go for a big slab of some right now?

At Lyle’s Liver Imporium we believe that living is all about liver.

Try our beef wellington. You can feel the iron in the generous layer of paté making you stronger with very bite.

And don’t forget the kids. They love liver. Treat the little ones with our mouth-wattering liver and onions. To compliment this most exciting entrée, we heap on the brussel sprouts as a side dish.

Lyle’s Liver Emporium. Just west of the stockyards and Sullivan’s Slaughter House on Gross Avenue.

1 comment:

Patricia Stoltey said...

LOL -- That photo couldn't look more unappetizing.

Even so, I actually like liver and onions, especially when served with a big pile of mashed potatoes. You know, old farm kid, down home meals, what do you expect?