Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Most Helpful Literary Agent

She is colorful, candid, and a consummate professional. And the cosmos only knows how many authors she’s helped that she didn’t even know about because of her blogs.

The thing I noticed most about Janet Reid when she spoke at the Colorado Gold Conference last year was her rapport with writers. She had solid advice for storytellers whether they’d just picked up a pen or had a stack of publications under their name.

Through her blog at www.jetreidliteary.blogspot.com,
she typically helps the writer to understand the daunting odds they must overcome to find publication. But then in her Query Shark blog (the link can be found from her home blog) she offers critiques to writers on their query letters and posts outstanding examples. If you choose to submit a query for critique, you will get her opinion. Be classy and take her advice gracefully. Her pointers may just be the push you need to get that manuscript on the shelves.

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N. R. Williams said...

Thank you for the post Dave. It's always good to have future references to professionals like Janet.