Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's New from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers?

Here are two of the new releases from members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers:

The Taming of Enkidu
by Theda Hudson
Renaissance EBooks, Sizzler Editions, November 2011
ISBN: 9781615088683
Novella $4.99

"Historical, paranormal erotic romance. When the people of Uruk beg the gods to do something about their despot God King, they make Enkidu, a wild man. Enkidu is set down on the plains where he becomes the animals' champion, disrupting the hunters who prey on them. When the hunters complain about Enkidu to the king, he sends Shamat, one of Ishtar's temple harlots, to the wild plains to seduce the savage man and make him civilized. Over seven hot days and hotter nights, Shamat will teach Enkidu it means to be a man and the scorching pleasure to be found in the experienced arms of a Goddess' harlot."

Theda Hudson is the pseudonym of RMFW member Thea Hutcheson.


In Her Sights
by Robin Perini
Montlake Romance, November 2011
ISBN: 978-1612181523
Paperback $13.95

"Jasmine “Jazz” Parker, Jefferson County SWAT's only female sniper, can thread the eye of a needle with a bullet. But she carries a secret from her past that she thought she buried for good at the age of fifteen. Two years ago she even drove away the one man she believed she could love—ex-Army Ranger turned reporter Luke Montgomery—to keep her past hidden. Now, in a fleeting second, the time it takes for one clean shot, one perfect hit, to save the life of the governor's daughter, Jazz's world begins to crumble around her.

Luke splashes her face and name across the front page of the newspaper, reawakening her past with a vengeance. A vicious enemy is now bent on destroying her life, forcing Jazz to turn to the one man she can never have in order to stop a killer before she and everyone she cares about pays the ultimate price."


Information compiled by Pat Stoltey


Anonymous said...

Pat - Thanks, as ever, for this focus on what's new! I always learn when I check in with you :-).

JournoMich said...

Great to see some writers highlighted here...Good job putting it all together, Patricia! This Rocky Mtn group is a really intereresting compilation of writers.


Robin Perini said...

Thanks so much for including In Her Sights! What a thrill since it's my debut novel. It's a dream come true for me. If readers are interested in an excerpt or trading cards or several blog articles from my current blog tour, feel free to check out my website at www.robinperini.com.

Amazon has a special going on, btw. $5 for the trade paperback at $4.75 for the Kindle.

All my Best...and a huge thank you.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot and Michele, thanks for checking us out.

Robin, it was my pleasure. Good luck with "In Her Sights."

Robin Perini said...

Thanks so much, Pat!

It's a dream come true!